Lots of fun, great sets and exciting scares. Actors were very committed to getting the best scares out of the hardest people. Very entertaining night!Jaci, 2018 (Facebook)
This haunted Forrest is awesome. We all had a great time.Kelly, 2018 (Facebook)
The makeup & costumes were fantastic. It was freaky scary. Everyone put there heart and soul into this event and it showed. Well done. I will be back in the future. Thank You. I drove 2 1/2 hours from Wausau because of the advertisement on Facebook. Well Done Dorothy, 2018 (Facebook)
We have been coming since they started. It gets better every year and we always look forward to it.Katie, 2018 (Facebook)
Awesome! The sets were amazing! Actors were so much fun. Glad we drove up for the weekend and choose Dreadwood as our “scare”!! Went early and as we left was backed up to the road .... go early and plan ahead! Bonus - it is all volunteers and money goes to charity!!.Susan, 2018 (Facebook)
This was the third year I have gone and it's worth it every time! Definitely going for a fourth time!!Lauren, 2018 (Facebook)
This was our second year coming here and we loved it more this year than last. Going to make it a tradition. Thank you to all who volunteer! Tammy, 2016 (Facebook)
Super fun and scary! We've been going for the past few years and it gets better every time! Katie, 2016 (Facebook)
The setting is perfect. Even the drive down the long spooky driveway. Being all for charity makes it amazing. The creepy monsters! We screamed and laughed the whole way! Janie, 2016 (Facebook)
Last night was my first time and had a blast! My throat hurt from screaming so much! I've been now to every haunted house/hayride in the twin cities area and I was pleasantly surprised at how great of experience this was look forward to going back again! Jessica, 2016 (Facebook)
First time visiting Dreadwood. Loved it! Dirk was our guide, he literally loved doing it. Scary and in your face fun. Best part for me was when my name was getting called out. Scared the living daylights out of me. Can't wait for next year!" Krista, 2016 (Facebook)
Did the Dreadwood walk for the first time with two friends last night, and we had a spooky time! Dirk, rhymes with Dirt, was a clever, fun and appropriately creepy guide. The creepers were awesome, and the entire layout was impressive. Thanks for doing such an amazing job of entertaining and raising money for local community charities! Laurie, 2015 (Facebook)
I LOVE this place. The characters are amazing, definitely worth the money and drive, plus the proceeds go to charity (: I highly recommend going here if you want a good scare! Kelly, 2014 (Facebook)
This is one of the best! You have to go you will not be disappointed. Brad, 2014 (Facebook)
Tonight was my first night visiting Dreadwood Haunted Forest. Needless to say, I will definitely be returning next year! This was so much fun!! The characters were amazingly creepy, the guide we had was hilarious, and the fact that almost everything goes towards charities is fantastic! Definitely something that everyone should check out! It's ONLY $12 bucks, $10 with a food shelf donation and it is more than worth the money! Melissa, 2014 (Facebook)
MY FAVORITE HAUNTED HOUSE SO FAR Courtney, 2014 (Facebook)
Sooo much fun!! Fourth year I'm going! Cassie, 2014 (Facebook)
This was WAY better than any haunted hayride! We had so much fun! Torri, 2014 (Facebook)
Great family fun! We had a group of 17 and the overwhelming reaction that it was great fun! Proceed benefit charity so that's a great added bonus. Pamela, 2013 (Facebook)
This is one creepy walk through the woods Tim, 2013 (Facebook)
This is the BEST haunting attraction I have been to in years! It's not the typical stale Halloween scare attraction. It's fresh, new, make the hair on the back of your neck stand up fun. We went with our 2 teen age kids. It was scary enough to make us jump but not crude so it was still a family event. I love this place and can't wait to see what you come up with next year because we will be back. Veronica, 2012 (Feedback Form)
This place is more than awesome!!!! They do an awesome job, plus the money you pay to get in goes for a great cause!!! Elizabeth, 2012 (Facebook)
First time Coming out to Dreamwood with my boyfriend and WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME! My boyfriend even got me a sweatshirt from you guys! You guys did a wonderful job at Dreadwood!!! Love it! Anna, 2012 (Facebook)
First time I drove to Dreadwood Haunted Forest and I am so thankful I did. Chris and I are from the cities and we wanted to do something different. We both loved it. It was scary, yet really fun. I loved it so much, Chris and I are planning to go every year now. Acting was amazing , the prices were the best out of all the places we went to this year. I give you a 5 star rating on everything. Everyone should come here. You guys do a good thing by doing this for charities. Chris and I respect that, and fully support what you guys. Expect us both to be coming back!!!! Best night of the year so far! Plus I even got a cool sweatshirt!!! Anna, 2012 (Feedback Form)
we went last year had a great time the tour guides were awesome you will scream, laugh, and jump. very well put on highly recommend going. Laurie, 2012 (Facebook)
Best haunted attraction since the tunnel of terror! Bill, Facebook 2012
This event was really done well. I don't usually get scared at Halloween attractions but you had my heart racing. I will be back next year for sure. Brandon, Facebook 2012
just got back from dreadwood, first time there and loved it!!!!! amazing. the volunteers are hilarious and scary. Sarah, Facebook 2012
Had a blast last night! Our guide was so sweet!!! Julie, Facebook 2012
Had a good scare at the Dreadwood Haunted Forest. I do recommend you give it a try. Tammy, Facebook 2012
Went tonight with hubby and 2 teenage boys! WAS SO much FUn!! Had a Blast.... Mandy, Facebook 2012
No words to describe. Just awesome, stunning, perfect, performances. They were so in character, it was an amazingly scarry experience. Ven, 2012
Had a great time. First haunted attraction of the season, and definitely awesome. Jeremy, 2012
Went tonight with hubby and 2 teenage boys! WAS SO much FUn!! Had a Blast.... Mandy, 2012
Far and away from the city lights is Dreadwood Haunted Forest; the type of place a disturbed recluse might retire to after being cast out by society. Tis the season for all things terrifying, and the pitch black woods with no civilization in sight will definitely make your Halloween nightmares come true., 2010
amazing! totally going again probably next weekend! so excited!" Selena, 2011
We loved dreadwood haunted forest, went saturday night, it was awesome ! Great job! Danielle, 2011
The scaring was awesome. Half way through I didn't know if I would make it. Selena, 2011
I had a fun time and will be going back next year! Unknown (Feedback form), 2011
Perfect atmosphere! Unknown (Feedback form), 2011
I didn't think I could be scared AND have fun at the same time. Best Halloween Haunt, can't wait for this year!!Lisa (Facebook), 2011
I took a group of teenagers to dreadwood last year and they all loved it. we had a great time and it was alot fun walking through the woods and getting scared compared to the boring haunted hayrides that are offered in the twin cities! The kids have already asked me when I'am going to take them this year!Michelle (Facebook), 2011
I worked at the Haunt last year as a volunteer for several nights. Great people to work with, talented individuals putting it all together, an outstanding location for a halloween haunt and lots and lots of fun.Carole (Facebook), 2011
If you are looking to kill some time go check this place out. Its a good trek through the woods an fun for the whole family plus you can never go wrong with helping people in need. All proceeds go to charity an bring a can good to get 2 bucks off ticket price. I gave them 4 stars cause I am a person that loves a good scare and honestly I got a good jump or two, and I enjoyed the fact it helps others in need.Russell (Yelp), 2011

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